And Now...the Weather

By: Heindorn, Keith

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"And Now . . . the Weather: Sundogs, haloes, dust devils, snow pillars, blizzards, clippers, snowflakes, crepuscular rays, thunderstorms, lightning, rainbows, moonbows, and more"

With Keith C. Heidorn, The Weather Doctor, who is known to Internet weather enthusiasts around the globe.

Severe weather is dramatic, but rarely experienced. Heidorn focuses instead on the "hows," "whens," "wheres," "whys," and specially the "joys" of daily weather - the phenomena that shape our lives, yet never make it into history books.

"Always keep those weather eyes up " So says weather aficionado Keith C. Heidorn whose inveterate curiosity and far-reaching scientific knowledge of meteorology form the foundation for the fascinating explanations of everyday weather phenomena that fill the pages of "And Now. . . the Weather,"

After a lifetime of watching weather systems unfold, Heidorn observes the weather in relation to the sun, the driving force behind all weather conditions. Thus, in "And Now. . . the Weather," he uses seasonal cycles as a framework, starting with the winter solstice and moving through the calendar year, recording weather facts and events under the month in which they most frequently occur.

To help us train our "weather senses" so that we become more aware of the conditions surrounding us, Heidorn covers weather topics that are familiar in an informative and entertaining style. It is his hope that we will pause to enjoy, understand, and even anticipate the beauty of weather. A helpful collection of diagrams, maps, and black-and-white photographs illustrate Heidorn's weather scenarios, showing us exactly what to look for when we "keep our weather eyes up."

Title: And Now...the Weather

Author: Heindorn, Keith

Categories: Science, General, Nature,

Publisher: Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Fifth House: 2006

ISBN Number: 1894856651

ISBN Number 13: 9781894856652

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