Half-Assed Monk: Fashioning A Life of Interior Inquiry: Notebooks Volume 1, 1994-2001

By: Wendell, Mega

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"THERE IS MORE HERE THAN MEETS THE EYE - AND IT'S WORTH GOING AFTER." That is how Mega Wendell comes to describe the "sense" about human existence that has been the underlying basis - the motivating premise - for the interior-oriented life of which notebook writing has been a part. It's a two-fold truth, he contends, that "can only be approached by going, by making of oneself an experiment, an attempt." In HALF-ASSED MONK, Wendell's journal-style NOTEBOOKS, VOLUME 1 (1994-2001), reader sets out with author on what will be one such experiment - an attempt to show "by doing" that human beings have the potential for realizing greater realities, and that the effort at such realization can be a reasonable and worthwhile use to be making of one's life. By turns spiritual and philosophical, mystical and worldly, the "life of interior inquiry" seen developing here is both a rare actual demonstration of looking purposefully "within" for answers, and a suggestive and stimulating example of life lived day to day for a self-styled higher purpose. For persons involved in, or giving thought to, interior endeavors of their own, aspects of this account will no doubt seem familiarly pertinent. In addition to ongoing discussions about meditation/contemplation, metaphysical ideas and speculations, and the nature and objectives of the interior quest itself, regular topics in the notebooks include work and livelihood, current reading and responses thereto, writing as an activity and as part of inner inquiry, perceived personal requirements for leading an interior sort of life, recurrent ambivalences about "staying or leaving" with respect to present situations, the dialectics of friendship and independence, and relations/interactions with surrounding society and "the world." Likely to be of interest, too, is the picture of daily life that emerges in the notebooks - from the mundane to the colorful - as an indication of what might be anticipated in taking an approach of this kind. Overall, this is a book for people looking for inspiration and encouragement for their own interior pursuits. Although representative of a dedicated and serious "individual" effort, the journal format makes this account a shared and companionable experience.

Title: Half-Assed Monk: Fashioning A Life of Interior Inquiry: Notebooks Volume 1, 1994-2001

Author: Wendell, Mega

Categories: Philosophy, Autobiography / Biography / Memoir,

Publisher: Bellingham, WA, M. Wendell: 2012

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Book Condition: Fine

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